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@Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop - Date Night

I know, I know...I've been linking up A LOT lately. I promise, I have some posts that will be strictly my own, coming soon! :) But, I loved linking up with Gussy Sews last month for the Inspiration Workshop on *Shoes*, and couldn't pass up the opportunity to link up this month with the prompt...


Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

What is Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop?? Basically, it's a once a month link-up party, in which Maggie presents a prompt that is meant to inspire, connect and encourage creativity among the blogging community! Doesn't it sound awesome & you go link up too!!

So seeing as the hubby and I don't get to go on dates very often at the moment (hence the long-distance marriage we currently have going on...wait, did you hear?! It's coming to an end SOON!!!!), I thought I'd reflect on some of my favorite date night memories.

  • I have a pretty good memory of our 1st Valentines Day together...ya know, the special one where he planned it all out and kept it a surprise from me. We were both living in southern IL at the time, so we were limited in terms of activities or places to go. We did a fairly typical dinner/movie type date...I've said it before on the blog, and I'll say it again...we are both MAJOR "movie buffs". Hence, our enormous collection...that has grown dramatically even since that post - now they fill up 2 leaning ladder bookshelves! So for us, going to the movies isn't just because we can't find anything else better to do - it's what we really enjoy! Anyway, he took me to this Italian restaurant that had just opened, we both ordered our own dishes...but you know, I have this thing where I always have to try what he has, I mean, I just want a taste! ;) And I proceeded to try his fettuccine, splattering it ALL over him! Bahahahaha, I was laughing so hard, and he still brings it up to this day! He won't let me live it down!!
  • When we lived in Monterey, CA I suggested that we start a new tradition...where we each took turns planning a date night. So one Friday night he'd plan our date night activities...the next weekend, I'd plan it...and go on like that from week to week. It was SO much fun! I remember one of the dates I planned, was actually an all-day-long date. But it started with kayaking in the bay, which the hubby had been wanting to do ever since we moved there. It didn't end up with me in the ocean, my camera at the bottom of the ocean, and a wet purse/cell phone/etc., I promise!!! And don't ask me why I brought my purse with was in the water-proof bag that they had provided me with. Unfortunately, at that precise moment (where my kayak decided to tip over), I had opened up the bag, pulled out my camera and was trying to take pics. Yeah, so after I calmed down (crying persisted because of losing my camera, and because,'s scary falling into the HUGE ever-massive ocean)...we ended up really enjoying ourselves! :P Some of the dates I remember him planning involved hiking, sushi and going to local concerts. It was fun and exciting for each of us to anticipate the other's date night 'extravaganza' each week...I'd highly suggest something like that if you're wanting to try something new.
Another option, that many of you have probably seen on Pinterest is:

 Pinned HERE *Add me!!

A jar full of ideas, created by you & your significant other, that you can select out of, from time to time...can be anything from bed & breakfast, to go-cart racing, to a picnic in the park.
There are SO many ideas out there!

Various other dates we've had...
 Hiking Date
 Dinner Date - Sushi, of course! :)
Winery Date
Date @ a Blues Concert
Date Night in Omaha, NE (right before I moved to Charlotte)

So as you can see, we like to change it up and do different things on our various date nights. We always like trying new restaurants, so good food is important to us...and we do like to get dressed up from time to time, if we have the chance. Otherwise, we're okay going out in jeans and flip flops too.

Thanks for hosting this awesome Inspiration Workshop Maggie - I can't wait to check out others posts to get even more inspiration on date night ideas...seeing as pretty soon the hubby and I will be back together under the same roof and needing some new things to do in our new home of DC! :) 


  1. You and the hubs are so adorable!! Aww and I would have been a mess had I fallen out of a kayak. John, Nathan and I went kayaking earlier this year and I was terrified the whole time. Luckily everything went well and Nate even fell asleep in the kayak. Cute post! I'm sure you are super pumped abt more date nights in your near future!

    1. Aw thanks girl...believe me, I was a complete mess when I fell out of my kayak. Plus I was pretty devastated that my camera went to the bottom of the ocean!! :( Pictures gone that I hadn't been able to save! But, I got over it, hehe, got right back in my kayak and tried to enjoy the rest of our date. :) And yes, I am very much looking forward to our future dates!!

  2. Great post Spec K...miss you guurl.

    1. Thanks bro!!! ;) MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

  3. Ahem...double date?? hello??

    1. Haha, I know, the winery was a double-date, you're right!! ;P


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