Monday, January 4, 2010

Look Out! It's a Giant Tower of Movies

Yeah, so no need to go the movie store to rent a movie...just ask us and we probably own it. Most of you know how much Cody and I love going to the movies, but did you know how many movies we actually own?? Actually, I don't even have an accurate count at the moment, but I know it's over 250. It's getting a little ridiculous!! I always told Cody that I wanted the DVD collection that Cameron Diaz's character has in The Holiday (I think we're getting there).

We always take advantage of Blockbuster's 4 for $20 deal or Target's $5 movies. Basically, we can pretty much always find a movie that we desperately need to own! ;) Tonight, we found out that the Hollywood Video near by is closing and they are having major deals! So, um, yeah we had to go and add to our collection.

Check out what we bought (I'm sure you can guess which ones I picked out and which ones Cody picked out):

They had so many to choose from...we could have probably bought 10 more. But I think the employees behind the counter were getting ready to cut us off. Here's hoping they never discontinue DVD players!!!

What's your favorite movie(s) of all time?


  1. Dude, Step Up 2 IS my favorite movie of all time!!!! Crazy!!!!

  2. ps, your collection looks great :) cam has cut me off from buying dvds lately bc we never get around to watching them anymore. sad!! however what he doesn't know won't kill him... i might start sneaking them :)

  3. Curt~Isn't it great?! ;) I bought it with you in mind!!

    Jenna~I totally think you should sneak some in...he won't ever know! Haha

  4. I LOVE THIS BLOG!!! makes me feel like you are sooooo much closer! ... its like reading a book, always a fabulous writer my dear.
    I have too many favs to mention our dvds look like that also... but now we get barney and elmo to through in the mix hahah...
    STEP BROTHERS is a must tho...


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