Meet Rider...

My husband Cody already had Rider when I met him - but he quickly felt like one of my own "kids". Cody's older brother saved Rider from being taken into a shelter and gave him to Cody. He is pretty unique...we aren't 100% positive which breeds he is, but the vets all say Collie/Corgi. He has long black hair (which I like to keep short most of the time, because he sheds like crazy), a huge fluffy tail, and golden brown eyes that melt your heart.

He also frequently lays/sleeps like this...let me just say, he's a little corky!


And meet Harley...

I got Harley about a year after Cody and I started dating...I was in graduate school, Cody and I were doing the long-distance thing, and I needed a companion! I found Harley on and he came from a Rescue Shelter in central Missouri. I drove 3 1/2 hours to meet his Foster mom, who laid this tiny, 4 lb. Chihuahua in my lab...and I instantly loved him!! Needless to say, he has grown a bit over the younger brother even says he is chubby...but I don't believe it! :)

This is one of Harley's favorite pastimes...sun-doggin'


Both dogs get along, they're brothers after all, but they couldn't be anymore different:

Harley burrows under the covers at night; Rider sleeps under the bed (usually)
Harley eats ALL the time; Rider only eats when someone is at home
Harley doesn't really get along with other doggies; Rider thinks all other dogs are his friends
Harley tends to be hyper, energetic & even a terror; Rider tends to be calm and lethargic
Harley hates car rides; Rider's favorite thing to do is go for a car ride

I could go on...but, bottom line, we are so thankful to have these 2 rugrats in our lives!

*This space will also be for me to post more pictures/videos of these 2, because they do some funny/crazy things sometimes!

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