Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Day on the Wharf

Well Cody is back to me safe and sound after his vacation over the holidays to see his family in IL. And so we (when I say we here, I mean I) decided that we would go out for breakfast this morning. We (and when I say we here, I mean he) also decided that if we went out for breakfast this morning, then we would not go out to eat all the rest of the week. Evidently, we spend too much money going out to eat...go figure.

I woke Cody up and we drove to our favorite little breakfast dive right on one of the wharfs/piers in downtown Monterey.

It is the cutest little place, called Lou Lou's: Griddle in the Middle...adorable! They have great breakfast (omelets = yum, pancakes bigger than your head) and their lunch is good too. It's great 'cause their seafood is so fresh, being right in the harbor. I was super excited....but low and behold, we get there and they were CLOSED!!

So disappointed. Luckily, there's a little place right below them (at water level) that was open for brunch that we had eaten at before. And the best part...

Sea otters and other marine life will just swim up to the window while guests are enjoying their meals. And, of course, I had my camera ready for such a moment! How cute!! ;)

After brunch, we decided to spend some time walking along the pier and taking some photos of beautiful Monterey. We hadn't seen the water that blue & clear before!

Marina full of gorgeous boats and yachts

The open waters

Some pelicans and birds just chillin' at the edge of the pier

I love it here! We are so blessed to be living in this beautiful area!
I'm going to miss it when we have to leave :(


  1. I LOVE the, "by 'we,' I mean, 'me.' " HA! What a lovely place to enjoy breakfast! Oh, sea otters by your window. How fun! And the photo of you on the pier, with your arms stretched wide, makes me *so* HAPPY. You look so free and clear.

    May your journey continue with love, adventure, and happiness!

  2. Great pics!! Can't wait to


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