Saturday, May 12, 2012

@Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop - Shoes


Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Maggie @Gussy Sews has been traveling with Compassion International in Tanzania this past week, getting to experience the work that Compassion does and the direct effect that sponsorships have on the children living there. Not only has she been experiencing this amazing, and inspiring trip...but she and her other fellow bloggers have been blogging the entire time! Giving us at home a chance to "tag along" on some of their adventures, see some of the things that they're seeing, and feel what they're feeling along the way.

I was amazed though, because not only has Maggie been blogging about her trip, she also (1) updated her Gussy Sews store with new products, AND (2) posted a new Inspiration Workshop post! That took some dedication & major planning on her part. :)

This is my 1st time linking up with Maggie's Inspiration Workshop (a once a month link-up party, in which Maggie presents a prompt that is meant to inspire, connect and encourage creativity among the blogging community). This post's prompt is...SHOES!


So my mind shot in a few different directions...I could use my handy-dandy Pinterest to showcase my favorite pairs of shoes out there (Lord knows, I pin so many)...I could take pictures of me wearing my favorite pairs of shoes that I own...I could talk about my TOMS ballet flats & April's One Day Without event  that I participated in (but I've already talked about it here and here)...and then I had it.

I wanted to talk about dance. Dance shoes to be exact!

These are all pairs of dance shoes that I used to wear when I was younger: soft pink ballet shoes, tap shoes, & (probably, my favorite) red-dyed toe shoes

I started taking dance classes back when I was 4 years old and didn't really stop until I was about 21. It was my LIFE! I lived and breathed dance 24/7 when I was young...I'm pretty sure my Mom had a hard time getting me to go out of the house wearing any other shoes than my dance shoes. I took classes throughout high school, while also dancing on the school's dance team. When I moved away for college, I danced with the college team for awhile and taught at a local studio...but school got in the way, life got in the way, and now it's something that I look back on with such great goes without saying that I desperately miss it! You can still occasionally find me dancing in the kitchen :), but that's about it. One thing's for will always be a part of who I am. 

I think I talked about this in my quilt post, but this past fall, my parents moved out of the house that my siblings and I grew up in. I had to go through all of my stuff that I still had stored there, leading me to find all of my old dance was like 'taking a trip down memory lane' and I'm so thankful that I've held onto them all of these years.

I remember dying many pairs of toe shoes (red, blue, black), just so that they'd match my costume at the time. And I remember begging and begging my Mom for those tap shoes in the middle...they look like jazz shoes, but they have taps on the bottom. They were definitely the cool thing to have, back in the day!! :)

These shoes, whether kept in a closet or hung on a wall somewhere eventually, will always represent long hours of practicing my heart out, fun times had with so many good friends, and doing something that I love and that made me extremely happy <3

 I threw them on, just for kicks...please don't criticize my turnout, it has been awhile!

Thanks for hosting this awesome Inspiration Workshop Maggie! 
You got me to put on some old shoes that were just begging me to dance around in!! :P


  1. Great post! I just started dancing again about 6 years ago, after a 15 year hiatus, ballet (and Irish) this time. It never leaves your system!

    1. Thanks!! Yay, glad to hear you got back into it...hopefully one day I'll be able to. :)


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