Friday, June 15, 2012

High Five for Friday - Link up, Vol. 10

Okay so most weeks, I am SO glad to see Friday come...but this week just flew by way too fast!! I was traveling for work Mon-Wed, came back to tons of meetings yesterday, so I just felt like I didn't get anything accomplished that I wanted to this week. Such is life though, right?! What that probably means is that I'll be working a bit this!!! :(

Oh well, at least Friday means that I'm linking up with Lauren @From My Grey Desk for:

So here are my 5 favorite things from this week...

ONE. Got to have sushi this of my favorite meals of all time!!

Miso soup with spicy tuna and shrimp tempura rolls :) Yummm!!
And yep, that's my amazing Erin Condren life planner too...can't go anywhere without it!

TWO. I am beyond ecstatic to read this book...

 "Love your work, work for what you love, and change the world - all at the same time!"
By author, Blake MyCoskie - founder of TOMS shoes

'Inspired' doesn't even begin to describe how I feel when reading about individuals such as Blake.

THREE. On my work trip this week, I got to play putt putt golf (also known as "goofy golf")...I'm not going to lie, it was pretty fun!! :)
Anybody else out there like to play putt putt golf?? I grew up playing it so I get excited anytime I still see one open these days.

FOUR. My new tank & star ring from The Shine Project!!!

 Love both items & the fact that I'm spreading the word about this amazing project!

FIVE. Found out that the hubby and I will be ending our long-distance marriage stint come this Fall! And...we're going to be moving to DC!!



  1. i heart sushi and miso soup!!! it might be my favorite meal.

    also, that book looks awesome. i dont think i have ever heard of it. ill have to check it out. thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, I think it's my favorite meal too!! :) I can't wait to start the book...I think it's new or has just been released. I'm sure I'll be blogging about it once I finish it. Thanks for stopping by!! :)

  2. I've been craving sushi all week! Found you via High Five Fri. Now I'm off to find out more about the Shine Project.

    1. So glad you found me, thanks for stopping by!! :) Yes, definitely read more about The Shine's an amazing project - spread the word!!!


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