Monday, July 19, 2010

Now this is a Craft Table!

Yeah, so I stumbled upon this yesterday while looking for decorating ideas (for the NEW place)! We will be using the 2nd bedroom as an office/craft room.

And this table is amazing...I've been wanting some sort of bins to hold/display my yarn...and this is PERFECT! I can put my yarn in the bins on one side, and my fabric on the other side...and my little sewing machine can sit on top.

*There's a really cute stool that goes with it too (maybe I could even get a stool for each side)! :)

Yeah, I think it's a definite purchase!


  1. oh i love it! i am sure you are soo excited to actually decorate... w/your own things :) woo hoo for that

  2. That's terrific! ...I want one!

  3. It sure is!! Now I want one ;-)


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