Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Done, Done...and Done

1. Find a place to live in Omaha (moving in the next couple of months)
So we have picked out a place for us to live in apartment close to base and really feels like the whole package. Plus, we'll be able to focus on saving, at least this next year! :) I am so relieved that this task is complete!!

2. Schedule movers from base
This is pretty much done...all the paper work has been filled out. I am just waiting to hear back on final dates for packing and delivering. It is such a wonderful thing that the military will move families for free!!

3. Go through clothes, papers, and anything else...GET RID of stuff we don't need!
Yeah, I am totally proud of myself for doing this one...I went through all of my clothes and had a stack of the hubby's as well. Took them to Plato's Closet first, then the rest went to Goodwill. I have also been a "throwing away" machine...for stuff that seriously needed to be thrown away and have organized the heck out of the place. I mean, it'll continue as the move gets closer, but I'm on my way.

4. Apply for jobs (tired of doing this already)
This will have to be a continuous thing...

5. Start new knitting project for expecting mother/friend
Yeah, I've had NO time between taking my trip to Omaha, catching up on sleep over the weekend, and work...hopefully, I will begin this over the weekend or next week.

6. Keep running (ran Sat. = 1 mile; Sun = ran 1 mile/walked 1 mile)
Yeah, I wish I had better news on this one...I'm not giving up on it yet. But, I've just been super busy and tired the past few days, so maybe tomorrow I'll run again! ;)

7. Start cooking dinner with things I have at home instead of buying more
Yeah, I don't like this's so hard cooking for one person. But, I have cleared a few things out of the cabinets by using them for meals. I may end up having to give some stuff away...especially condiments!

8. Try not to be so stressed and overwhelmed and emotional about the move ;)
So, I feel like this is a tough one...I mean, I'm gonna continue to be stressed and overwhelmed up until the move, I'm sure. BUT, I definitely haven't been as emotional as 2 weeks ago when I wrote this...I was a wreck that week! I just got myself so worked up...but now that things are falling into place, I'm calming down and realizing that things are working out and everything will get done in time (I hope)! :)


  1. Kristin, the amount you've checked off your to-do list is amazing! Moving is such an all-consuming stressful thing to do and it's wonderful that you've been able to take the "emotional" out of it. My brother called as I was typing up the post about our new place and he was having a bit of a panic attack. We just have to remember that everything WILL work out, things WILL get taken care of, and we WILL be ok...and happy...and feel just so accomplished once the move is complete. Good Luck with everything left on your list and Congratulations on everything already crossed off :)

  2. Yay! I am so happy for all your accomplishments just in this last week alone!! Yahooo! I can't wait for you to be settled in, I know you're looking foward to decorating/being with hubby/trying new places. :)

    Let me know if you need any help with packing/cleaning. (I hate cleaning too, but I can try and help! heehee)

  3. halfway through the list is pretty damn good :) cheers to you!


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