Saturday, July 17, 2010


Well, I figured since my blog's title and purpose is all about changes, I figured it would make sense to do a post about some of the changes coming up in my life :)

So, I've mentioned before that my husband is military and that we would be moving from California to Nebraska in the upcoming months. I feel lucky to have gotten the chance to live in such a beautiful place, such as Monterey! But, there are things that I am looking forward to in Omaha.

I just came back from a whirlwind 2-day trip to Omaha to look for housing. It was so exhausting...I was really only there to look at places for 1 full day...and I had made 8 appointments throughout the Omaha area!! That's right, 8...let's just say I was running around "like a chicken with my head cut off". If it wasn't for my GPS, I don't know how I would have made it to all of them...because I did NOT know the area and although it seems pretty easy (once you're familiar with it)...there were definitely times that I still got lost.

I was able to check out the base for a whole 10 minutes but it seems like a nice one. And my appointments ranged from places near base all the way to actually being downtown in the city (which is a way cute area from what I saw...lots of little cute shops, restaurants, bars, etc.). Although we would *love* living downtown (and found the most awesome condo overlooking the city)...I believe we have narrowed it down to an apt. closer to base. I'm happy with the decision (although seriously, it was hard to turn down the condo) because we will be saving money...which is totally what we should be doing over the next few years.

 Cute little outdoor restaurant patio in downtown (yeah that's my hand reflecting on the window while driving)

Changes I am totally not looking forward to:

-Not being near the beach
-Not being near FRESH seafood
-Not being near my knitting group and other friends I have made here! :(
-Being encompassed by bugs again (yeah, there are seriously hardly any bugs here...maybe flies, that's it)
-Living back in the humidity...although we shouldn't have to deal with it too much before winter hits
-The "harsh" winters that Omaha apparently had this past, I haven't seen snow since Jan. '09

Changes I am totally looking forward to:

-Being near a city and getting that "city" feel in the downtown area
-Having seasons again (I know I just complained about the winter, but having seasonal weather will be nice)
-Being closer to family (just a days drive)
-Having A LOT more restaurants to choose from (yeah, I definitely saw Cracker Barrel while I was there) :)
-There are tons of breweries, which the hubby will love
-More space and storage in our new place...AND we can paint!! I'm already looking for decorating ideas

I mean, it's gonna be a big change...but I think I am definitely ready for it!! I know one thing I'm ready for and that is to be with the hubby again...this time apart sucks! But I'm so proud of him, he's doing great! :)

More to come on the big move, it's really just right around the corner!


  1. awe pank that pic looks like it's really cute. i am very excited for you ~ new beginnings are always fun. :) even though i will miss knowing you are in the same state as me.

    but we will come visit you! preferrably during a non-buggy time.

    congrats on narrowing it down to most likely "the" place!


  2. Yeah!! Can't wait to see your new crib!!!!

  3. I am looking forward to being able to afford airfare!!!

  4. @Jenna: Yeah, let me tell you, the humidity hit me like a freight-train!! You'll defin. have to come either in the spring or fall! :)

    @Ginnis: Can't wait for you guys to visit

    @Devan: Yay, me too!! And actually, it's only about a 6-8 hours drive...not too bad either! :)


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