Monday, July 12, 2010

Goal-Setting for the Following Week

1. Find a place to live in Omaha (moving in the next couple of months)

2. Schedule movers from base

3. Go through clothes, papers, and anything else...GET RID of stuff we don't need!

4. Apply for jobs (tired of doing this already)

5. Start new knitting project for expecting mother/friend

6. Keep running (ran Sat. = 1 mile; Sun = ran 1 mile/walked 1 mile)

7. Start cooking dinner with things I have at home instead of buying more

8. Try not to be so stressed and overwhelmed and emotional about the move ;)


  1. I thought you got to keep your current job?

  2. Well, it's "up in the air" as of right now, and I've got to try and find a backup in case it doesn't work out. :(

  3. Wow! You have a lot on your plate. But I know you are very motivated and keep up the good work with the running! That's awesome!

  4. Thanks Katie...yeah it's a lot! I'm just trying to take it day by day! :)

  5. You're moving?! Kristin, we need to visit!! OH, and I found an apartment this weekend. It is a MEGA upgrade from where we are now :)

  6. Yes, I am moving!! :( We will be stationed in Omaha for 2's not Cali, but at least it's closer to home/family!

    Yay!! So glad you found an apt!! :) I can't wait to see the remodeling/decorating!

  7. Going through stuff will be hard, especially when you can just pack it up. I should come over and cook with you!

    & Remember - I'm here for you!!

  8. oy vey mamasita! let me know if i can help you with anything?!?!

    congrats on running ... if only i could run. lol i am more like a fast walker?

  9. @hartbeat: I went through some stuff on Sunday and ended up taking most of it to G.W...but I agree, it's not an easy task! Yes, please come over and cook...and I appreciate YOU!! Thanks for being there!

    @Jenna: I know, it's overwhelming, believe me! And the list keeps growing!! :0 Thanks on the running, I hate it but I feel good afterwards, so I always try to remember that!


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