Saturday, February 6, 2010

Knitting in Circles

So, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to join a meet-up group that involved knitters/crocheters. If anyone doesn't know what is, it's a website where you can search for groups around your area that are tailored to specific interests (running, knitting, yoga, etc.) of its major goals is for people who have just moved to an area and don't know many people to, you guessed it, meet new people!

Well, my first meet-up was last week and I had a blast! The group meets once or twice a week at various restaurants, pubs and coffee shops around the Monterey area. Everyone is so friendly and I mean, sitting around with fellow knitters/crocheters...talking about kind of get-together! :) I've been knitting for quite some time, but I feel like I've been kind of out of the knitting "loop" for awhile...and now I feel refreshed and ready to continue my obsession.

A couple of the girls told me about a woman, living in Colorado, who dyes her own yarn. Now, dying yarn is a complicated and tedious process...not just anyone can pick up the trade! I go to check out her website, and holy crap...she has some of the most beautiful yarn that I have ever seen! She is literally a genius in this stuff! I mean, I couldn't resist...

"Esme Island"

How beautiful is that skein of yarn??!! And yes, some of you might recognize the name "Esme Island"...she has an entire collection/line of Twilight-inspired yarn. Bella's Truck, Forks, Edward's Volvo...just to name a few! Let's just say she is one talented yarn dyer and I plan to continue to purchase from this woman. Oh, and let me tell you...she updated her store this past week and the new yarn that she put up literally sold out in a matter of minutes (I watched it happen)!! You can find her yarn at Sunshine Yarns *Check it out

I also ordered this kit from Red Heart yarns for HeartScarves.

Basically, it's a kit that comes with everything you need to knit/crochet a scarf (yarn, needles, pattern) AND after you knit the scarf, you send it to the WomenHeart Support Network and they deliver it to a woman undergoing cardiac surgery or rehabilitation.

I mean, come on, how awesome is that!! The whole program was designed so that everyday knitters' scarves could offer support, comfort and hope to a woman undergoing cardiac surgery or rehabilitation. I just started on it, but will definitely post pics when I'm finished...the pattern is really pretty.

Finally, (I know, I told you I was back to my knitting obsessed-self), I taught myself how to crochet last weekend. Well, I only learned one stitch, the single crochet (sc) but it was quite weird to use only 1 needle, versus 2 in knitting. I just decided to practice by using up some old yarn that I had and crochet a's the work-in-progress and the finished product:

P.S. I am almost finished with my veggies...all that's left is 1 pea pod, so I will definitely post pictures as soon as I get the whole group together. Those things were pretty tricky...swearing was definitely involved at times! ;)

Well, I must go run some errands...I hope everyone has a great Saturday and a fun Super Bowl Sunday!


  1. HEY!! I didn't know you had this blog until I saw your comment on Katie's blog! I read your post about the Chick N Patties. Those are my favorite! I went vegetarian about a year and a couple of months ago. We recently went to Blueberry Hill in St.L. Thankfully they had a veggie burger! I love to knit too! Oh and Love the One Your With is such a gooood book! Looks like you are doing well!! I'll add you to my list of blogs to stalk daily! : )

  2. Hey there!! Yeah I just started blogging and have been reading (stalking...hehe) yours and Katie's for a little while...I love, love, love all of your craft projects! They are so fun! :) And yes, the chicken patties are awesome!! And congratulations on the BIG exciting!! You should post some of your knitting, I'd love to see it!

  3. I've been bored lately. Maybe I should take up knitting. :)

  4. You's very relaxing and I love it!! :) But you can get quickly obsessed with yarn and needing more...haha


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