Thursday, February 4, 2010

Exciting News

Without going into too much detail, the hubby has had a really long and strenuous year that included LOTS of studying/homework. And the outcome of this year was all basically riding on 3 exams that just happened this past week. And I am so proud to say that he passed with flying colors! I knew he would and I just know how relieved he is to be done with this part and onto the next.

That said, the other exciting news is that we have been told where we will be stationed at, starting in September (granted, things could always change); but as of right now, we will become residents of:

Omaha, Nebraska

I am for one, very excited...although it will be difficult to go from living in such a beautiful place like Monterey to Omaha...I am always up for change, and it will be nice to live in the seasons again! I've already been told that they have an awesome zoo, many good restaurants (although I'll be missing out on all of the best steaks ;) ) and lots to do! So here's to all of the new things to come over the next year!


  1. Kay Gardiner, one of the Mason Dixon Knitters, is from Omaha!

  2. Ooh that's cool! I still want to get that book...I see it all the time and remember that you had it when you lived in IL.


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