Saturday, June 2, 2012

Crossfit, Warrior Dash & First 10k Race

*Warning: Kind of a long post...but keep reading!!* :)


KB. 21-15-9. KTE's.AMRAP.WOD.Tabata

If you've heard these terms/acronyms...maybe wondered what the heck they are...this is Crossfit. Most people have heard about it, and lots have already joined in on the "fun". I'm kind of a latecomer to it, seeing as it's been around since 2000. Nowadays, there are Crossfit gyms everywhere, there's even a National Crossfit Competition...and it's gaining more and more popularity all the time!

A typical whiteboard WOD

Basically, it's a short workout (as short as 20 min.) that can be described as "constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement" and involves anything from jump ropes and kettlebells, to gymnastics rings and tires. Tires, yes HUGE tires! :/

Tire sledges

But let me tell is FUN & ADDICTING & MOTIVATING! Here's my story (the short version, I promise)...

I started running consistently a little over a year ago when I lived in Omaha for a short period of time. Didn't really enjoy it, but liked the results I was seeing. Over the years, I have gained some weight and my husband has heard me complain about it, way too many times. Since moving to Charlotte, I ran a few times, here and there, went to the gym a few times, here and there...nothing really worthwhile. I noticed though, that my pet sitter was looking awfully fit, each time I'd see I asked her "Um, what are you doing?!" She told me her husband managed a local gym and that he had been training her & a friend with Crossfit-style workouts. I said, "Can I get in on that?" I honestly didn't know much about Crossfit, other than I knew some people who did it, it looked tough, and it was usually conducted in groups doing circuit-type rotations. Right at that time, her husband had decided to start a weekly group workout and I went Day 1. It left me limping for a few days (not joking), sore as heck, BUT I told myself that I was going to go back. Well, I did...and I've been going ever since!!

 In action with training ropes & squats

I can tell you that I personally saw results pretty quickly. I don't really base a lot on weight, but I've lost a few lbs., my clothes are fitting better, I have more energy, and I'm feeling some muscles starting to develop! :) I LOVE it! Now, that said, I still have a long way to go, I realize that, but I'm making progress!! Now, I also need to say that along with Crossfit, I'm still keeping up with my running & yoga, and have adopted a somewhat Paleo-style eating plan (which deserves its own more on that another time). But it's great, I'm always looking forward to my next WOD: Workout of the Day!


Two weekends ago, I participated in the Warrior Dash that came to Charlotte. It is THE world's largest running series, consisting of a 5-6k course with 11-12 obstacles (e.g. jumping over fire, crawling through mud pits, and sliding down fire poles). It was just for fun, and all I wanted to do was finish...I knew some of what to expect, but also knew it was going to be tough. But I DID IT! Finished in about 55 minutes...seriously, I definitely struggled a little, but it was super fun once it was over! :P

Jumping over the fire & finishing the race out of the last mud pit
Celebrating - somewhat cleaned up...couldn't pass up the beer stein! :)


I took a mini-vacation last week to drive back to southern IL, (1) to visit family/friends, (2) to head up to our hometown Italian Festival that happens every year, and (3) to run the festival's 10k on Memorial Day. I've ran a few 5k's before, and have been running consistently (up to 8 miles on some weekends) for about 2-3 months now. I wanted to sign-up for a race and push myself a little, so a 10k it was. 

Me before the race...I even wore green, white & red, since it WAS an Italian Festival :P
And here are some actions shots:

At around mile 2 - this is where I had to mentally tell myself, okay, it's really hot, but you're almost halfway there, you can do this! I've ran a few long runs, but in a race, it surprised me how much you mentally have to keep yourself going. I took it mile by mile.
Getting ready to cross the finish line at 1:08:17 (placed 4th in my age group!!)
Worn out & rehydrating...even at 8am, it was SO hot out!
And here I am with my younger brother, an AMAZING runner/track star...he ran the 1-mile dash in around 5 min flat! :0

My goal was really to finish, this time around...and to avoid walking as much as possible. I ended up walking for about 10-20 seconds, just at the 4-5 water not bad. I kind of wanted to finish in an hour or less, but that's okay...close enough! ;) All in all, a great 1st the question is, what race to do next?!?! Luckily, in Charlotte, I have many to choose from, seeing as there are races scheduled practically every weekend all year long.

Thanks for reading about my fitness fun going on right now, what are you doing to stay fit and get healthy? Have you tried Crossfit? Have you ever ran a Warrior Dash? I would love to hear about some of your experiences!! 

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  1. Phenomenal job, Kristin! My boyfriend and I were talking last night about how to work more physical activity into our weekdays. I despise working out, but have begun riding my bike to work most mornings. It feels wonderful to get my heart pumping so early in the am. I do wonder whether that's because of the exercise or the terror of rising along with LA rush hour traffic ;)

    1. Thanks Ashley! Great job on starting to ride your bike in the morning...I too, always feel so much better when I workout in the morning. But I totally understand about the hating to workout, because I've been like that for years...until now. You just gotta find what works for you...whether it's Crossfit, running, biking, yoga, etc. Haha, and I don't envy you on the LA heart would probably be pumping hard too :P

  2. Love this post! I did the Mud Crusade in April. It was a blast! Way to go on all your fitness! And I've been debating going Paleo for awhile but I know my husband would never go for it.

    1. Thanks so much!! That's awesome...I bet it was fun. What kind of course was it or what all did you have to do? The Paleo is definitely a challenge at first, but I've been pleasantly surprised at how much I've enjoyed it so far...just getting back to basic food and enjoying fruits/veggies more!! :) I just gotta start finding some good recipes now

  3. Congratulations on your first 10K! That's great! I'd like to try Crossfit. We have a few places in town that have it and I'm hoping my gym will add the program. We have several obstacle runs, but I haven't ever done one. I want to this fall! Please post more about the Paleo diet!


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