Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easy Peasy Pasta

So over the years, I've definitely struggled to cook for 1 (since the hubby and I have spent lots of time a part). Heck, what am I saying, it's even hard cooking for 2 sometimes!! Am I right?! But so I've definitely stumbled upon a few favorites that I try to cook if I'm trying to stay at home for a meal. Recently I came across an awesome, quick pasta concoction and thought I'd share it! It's nothing fancy, and I'm sure others out there have made it or something similar, but I literally just created this by throwing some things that I had in my pantry/cabinets together:

  • Cooked & drained about 1 cup of twi-colored bowtie pasta (you can use any kind of pasta)
  • Mixed with a splash of EVOO, parmesean cheese, garlic powder, s/p, sprinkle of red pepper flakes

That's it! It was easy, flavorful and a perfect serving size for one (obviously, you could fix it for a whole family though). I chose to use EVOO instead of butter, but that's an option too. Depending on your spicy preference, you could also add more of the red pepper flakes or opt to not use them at all. And I'm sure other spices would be great too (oregano, Italian seasoning, etc.).

Any other readers have any go-to meals that are quick & easy, and perfect for just 1-2 people? If so, please share...I'd love to hear them! 

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