Saturday, April 30, 2011

Currently, top 10 favorite things...

1) Ahh...the smell of fresh cut grass! One of the things I love about Spring

2) Sweet tea - I have always enjoyed McD's $1 sweet tea, but it just can't compare to the south's sweet tea. Any restaurant in Charlotte carries it and although I don't drink soda, sweet tea is my weakness!

3) My organized yarn - you have heard me talk about this multiple times before on this blog...I have always wanted to be able to organize my yarn and make it look lovely sitting up on the shelves (just waiting to be used)! :) Well, I have made that happen folks...

4) This wine cellar...

5) My new yoga studio and the classes I have been able to take the past few weeks, which have been focused on Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga!

6) My pups! That's Harley on the left and Rider on the right, participating in their favorite activity..."sun doggin'"

7) New haircut - I frequently get bored with my hair, always needing to change it up (cut it, color it, layer it, etc.). And today was no different...went to my stylist and said to cut it short! I need a change! :) So it is now the shortest it's ever been and I am loving it!!

8) the has been a year or so now since I was introduced to shopping at Ann Taylor LOFT, but I can without a doubt say that I am now obsessed with their clothes and styles!

9) Current book I'm reading - it's really good so far!

10) Lounging poolside - getting some sun, listening to my iPod, reading and relaxing!


  1. I opened a Loft card not that long ago. Could be bad news. :/

  2. LOVE that yarn organization! I may have to steal your great idea when we are a little less nomadic!

  3. love your list! ♥ I've seen that book in stores - glad to hear it's good, might have to pick it up.

  4. Devan - I have yet to open a card there...too dangerous!! ;)

    Bhrett - Thanks! :) It took me forever, but I love how colorful it all looks now! Go for it :)

    Jenn - Yes, definitely check it out!!


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