Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 3: Tidy mind, tidy stitches

How do you keep your yarn wrangling organized? It seems like an easy to answer question at first, but in fact organisation exists on many levels. Maybe you are truly not organized at all, in which case I am personally daring you to try and photograph your stash in whatever locations you can find the individual skeins. However, if you are organized, blog about an aspect of that organisation process, whether that be a particularly neat and tidy knitting bag, a decorative display of your crochet hooks, your organized stash or your project and stash pages on Ravelry.

Unfotunately this post is going to be an epic fail!! :( So, you can see the topic for Day 3 above (and I even checked out the "wildcard" topic to see if I could go with that one instead...but no)...and unfortunately I'm not going to be able to show you how I keep my yarn/knitting organized. Since I just recently moved, I only got to take SOME of my yarn (yes, you can all gasp now), therefore it is literally all in one storage bin. And it's really not even worth showing. The rest of my stash IS coming to me soon though, via the hubby!

I have great plans (someday down the road) of having a fiber room...yes, a whole room dedicated to my yarn, knitting and crafting supplies! I can't wait!!! And I'm hoping to at least get to the point here in my new apt. where I can dedicate an area of the bedroom to my stash (all in neat little bins...maybe, sorted by color)! :) Doesn't it sound lovely?? Like this...

Haha...okay, so my stash isn't that big, but OMG, it's awesome, isn't it?!
Whenever I do get organized, I'll make sure to re-do this post and showcase it all!

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  1. That would be such a great stash storage system! I'm sure you'll someday get there. & with your already cute style, it'll be great looking!! :)


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