Monday, November 1, 2010

Run, Forest, Run!

About a month ago, I started running. Running and I usually have a "hate/hate" relationship, but surprisingly lately it's been lovely. Haha, I say lovely, but what I mean is...I don't really like to run, but I do it because it feels really good afterwards! :) Honestly, I am extremely slow...I used to start off pretty fast and then I'd get side stitches or start breathing funny and have to stop. So, I've been starting out slow and staying consistent throughout my entire run (but STILL slow).

We have some really nice trails behind our place and they actually run all throughout Omaha (total distance of trail = 24.10). The hubby, believe it or not, has been running about 12-14 mi. every Saturday...I don't know how he does it, but I'm always so proud of him. He will definitely run a marathon in the next year or two!

Me, I started out running about 2 miles when we first moved here, and just kept increasing my distance each week. This past Saturday was the 2nd time I ran 6 miles!!! 6.2 actually. Here's my time when I hit each mile:

Mile 1: 12:24
Mile 2: 25:58
Mile 3: 39:56
Mile 4: 54:35
Mile 5: 1:09:21
Mile 6: 1:23:58
Total time: 1:26:25
Avg. min/mi: 13.59

Told you I was slow! :) But, I'm still pretty proud of myself...and I intend on keeping it up. I don't know if I'll be running my hubby's distance anytime soon, but my goal for now is 8 miles. What has really helped me is having a "running" playlist on my iPod...without it, I would have wanted to quit so many times. It's amazing how much music can be motivating! Most of my playlist consists of rap and extremely upbeat songs. And my husband has introduced me to Gu which basically just energizes a runner before/during a run. I take some 15 minutes before I run my longer runs and I really think it helps to get me going.

Oh, and the hubby surprised me with a SPIbelt which carries all of my necessary items (phone, ID, key)'s awesome, it doesn't move around at all while I'm running and it's black/hot pink! :)

So, get ready for some more running updates as running continues to kick my butt!


  1. I was ALWAYS the last of the pack in our formations at basic. Keep it up though....slow and steady wins the race! :)

  2. That's wonderful, Kristin! I can run about 10 minutes before my legs turn to jelly, ha! Keep it up!


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