Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hello, my name is Kristin...and I'm a Twilight-AHOLIC!

It is true...I am among many who love The Twilight Saga! It all started when my friend Jessica (from IL) and I were looking for a movie to go see...there wasn't much playing, so I suggested we go see Twilight. I hadn't heard too much about it at that point, but what the heck! I convinced her and we stepped out of the movie DIE HARD fans!! :) I totally got her hooked and she'll tell anyone that to this day.

I had never read the books and still didn't, even after seeing the movie...until I moved out here to Monterey and had a lot more time on my hands. I picked up the first book...COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! Seriously, they are that good! The obsession begins after reading the first chapter, I swear.

Needless to say, I stood in line for about 3 hours to watch the midnight showing of New Moon back in the fall and was sitting on pins and needles until it came out last weekend! I think I had posted that I had reserved my copy of NM from Best Buy. Well, I couldn't wait until that Sat. for the new, my friend Jen and I attended the NM Release party at Borders! Hahaha! :) And we had a blast! Check it out:

Posing in front of the "Upcoming Events" of the NM Release Party

Waiting (in)patiently for the NM festivities to start

There were all kinds of activities...charades, guess who said that quote, and actual debates about the movie(s) (e.g. this was Jenn's: Was it a big deal that Edwards volvo changed in NM?) Hehe :)

Needless to say...we were pretty exhausted by the end of the night...but here's our loot!

The party started at 10pm and ended right before midnight so that the purchasing line could form. Unfortunately, I had to wait to pick up my copy of NM until the next day, Saturday...but I couldn't resist picking up "Twilight in Forks"...a documentary on the town the books are based on! Come's actually pretty cool. I think I might want to take a trip there the next time I visit my's only 4 hours from Seattle! :0

Jenn got her copy of NM and we proudly displayed our Twilight obsession...for one night at least!


  1. Great post! Melissa and I are right there with you! There's no shame in a little Twilight obession! :)
    Also, I love the new blog look! It's very happy!

  2. Kristin,
    I have watched New Moon 4 times since I bought it last week! Have you watched the special features section? It's almost 2 hours of behind the scene stuff. It's awesome!! I can't wait until June 30th!!!! You'll have to put me in a straight jacket! Love the new blog redo by the way!!

  3. Hahah! OMG, yeah I've watched it a few times since I picked it up...I haven't watched the behind the scenes features yet. Jenn, the girl I went to the release party with, and I were going to compare my extras with her extras since we got different versions of the DVD...but SOON! I can't wait until the 30th glad I have fellow bloggers to share my obsession with! ;)

  4. Thanks Katie! That's shame! :)

  5. The author is actually rewriting the story but based on Edwards perspective. It was leaked on the Internet for a little bit but my friend has a copy. It's supposed to be better than the original twilight (which I do love btw). I'll try to bring you a copy when I cone

  6. love your pretty little blog makeover :) very bright and happy! so i don't know what's wrong with my little twilight love, but for some crazy reason i didn't run out and buy the dvd yet! i think i must be ill... :) i did tell cam we have to get it this weekend so i can feel normal again.

    love ya!

  7. Kate- I have actually read a big of that on S.Meyer's website...but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a copy!!! :) Glad you are a Twilight fan as well!

    Jen- Thanks! My blog needed a little makeover! :) Um, need to get your copy ASAP! Tell Cam that you can't make it through another day without it! Haha

  8. It was such a fun night! I'm glad we went and were able to snag some prizes too. =) I can't wait for Eclipse!! We should totally dye up some Eclipse yarn and have a party that day!

  9. I know...the prizes were the best! :) I can't wait for Eclipse either!!!!! We should definitely try dyeing up some Eclipse yarn...on the list of things to dye!


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