Sunday, March 28, 2010


So, this is a very belated post...but before the hubby left, for a pre-anniversary gift (our anniversary was March 8! Woohoo, 1 year down, many more to go)/pre-birthday gift (it's next Sat. :) )...he bought me a brand new sewing machine!

A Singer Esteem II

And this lovely case...
I was in awe!

I had been telling him for the past 6 months that I wanted a sewing machine and the hubby pretty much said "Don't you have enough hobbies?!" :) answer was always NO! A woman can never have enough hobbies/crafts!! So, I think after I bothered him enough, he realized that I wasn't going to give up! And I was so surprised when he got it for me...he is such a thoughtful man who supports all of my obsessive crafts!!!

Not knowing how to even thread the machine, I've mastered that thanks to some video tutorials. And I even took a shot at a simple project...and eyeglasses case (however, I'm not going to post it because it's pretty sad, haha). But, needless to say, I'm gonna need some more practice and am still getting used to my machine and sewing with it in general. So, stay tuned for some projects to come!

P.S. If any of you have sewed before, and have any tips for me, please send them my way! :)


  1. Girl - I'm so excited for you! I love sewing and I am still kinda a newbie. Because I had no idea what to do when I bought my machine, I went on CL and sought out a sewing teacher who would give me a few (cheap) lessons. I found a great lady and within a few one-hr lessons, I was sewing away!! And I'm loving it.

  2. Thanks! I guess that's what I need to out a teacher because I definitely want to be good at it! :)

  3. Ok, we're on this dyeing kick right now. So I say we take a break (can you believe I'm saying this??) and have a sewing night after we take a class together! We need to make some bags for all the gorgeous yarn we're dyeing!

  4. Jenn, I agree!! I am so wanting to get better at making stitched creations! I want to make things!!! :)


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