Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stocked Full of Memories

So, this past fall, my parents moved out of the house that my siblings and I grew up was a good decision for them at the time, but sort of sad too. It meant that "home" would have a very different feel each time I visit, and it also meant that I would have to go through all of the memorabilia that I still had stored there, dating all the way back to grade school (yeah, I'm serious). It was fun going through it all, even if it meant getting rid of some things. You know, those things you come across and think to yourself "Um, why the heck do I still have this?!" But nonetheless, it meant something to me at one point or another. So while going through all of my belongings to choose what I would keep/pitch/donate, I came across a TON of old t-shirts from almost every dance recital and musical that I was ever in...and there were a lot. That was definitely something I wanted to hang onto, but what was I going to do with them?! Some of the dance recital shirts are from when I was a little girl, so the t-shirt would obviously NOT fit me! Well, my sister came across a company that takes your t-shirts & turns them into a quilt. Now, I know this isn't a new concept...people have been doing this for years upon years. But needless to say, I knew this was my best option & I couldn't wait to have a quilt made out of all of my own t-shirts!

The company I went with is called 3 Stitch Creations and they're located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. They were great to work with, very communicative from the time they received my t-shirts (because who really wants to mail those things off, in fear of them not getting to where they are supposed to, and ultimately getting lost forever) to sharing with me the final product before even mailing it to me. The experience was great! They offer all different sizes of quilts (which is dependent on how many t-shirts you send them) and customize it just to your liking. You decide the color of the backing, the stitch design, and you proof the final design before they begin stitching it together. I think their prices are very reasonable (and again, depend on the size of the quilt)...I mean, I can't imagine how many hours go into a quilt like this. But anyway, here is my finished product, that is now in my possession:

As you can see, mine is very colorful & I was very active as a kid!
Backing: Black
Stitch: Loop-the-Loop
Size: Lap Quilt (15-20 shirts)

You can see the stitch detail here:

*This was the t-shirt I was talking about that was 1st ever dance recital back in '89-'90!

I can't really express into words how much this quilt means to me - every time I look at it, I am flooded with memories from each and every recital/show! I would have loved to be able to do it myself, or have known someone that quilts who could have taken on the project, but I am extremely happy that I went with 3 Stitch Creations - they do amazing work. They also have an Etsy Shop, which makes ordering even easier! Just think about all of those t-shirts you have lying around or stowed away in dresser drawers - they would look great made into a quilt! :) One of the most popular quilts that they create are for sports teams - so maybe your hubby has a favorite sports team & has tons of apparel - get a memorable quilt made!

Hopefully this gives you a great idea to put your old t-shirts to good use!


  1. So where is the Kristin and Ashley Best Friends Forever shirt from back in the day?? That should have totally made the quilt :)

    1. Haha, you're right...I may just have to do a whole other quilt! :)


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