Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pocket Pies

This is one of my newest kitchen gadgets...and I've gotta say, I'm pretty impressed so far after just using it once.

It's one of the pocket pie molds from Williams Sonoma - have you seen these? They are just adorable! I actually bought two - the apple one and a heart one. Basically, they are small plastic molds that allow you to use one side to cut out your pie crust and then by flipping it over, you can fill your pocket pie and seal it.
It's genius!

So I decided last weekend to make some cherry and apple pies - pocket pies that is! Now don't go thinking I'm some Betty Crocker that makes her own dough or pie filling...haha, I'd love to be that gal, but's what I worked with:

The pocket pie press, some apple pie filling & refrigerated pie crust.
Have you ever used this pie crust? Super just unroll it and voila! And it tasted great :) Each box came with 2 rolls - I had bought 2 boxes and ended up making 4 cherry & 4 apple pocket pies.

I forgot to take more photos of the actual process, but I used the pocket press to cut out the 2 crusts, placed one into the mold, filled it with apple/cherry filling, use some egg wash to brush onto the edges, placed the other crust on top while I closed the mold to seal the edges, and finished it off by brushing some more egg wash all over the top & sprinkling it with sugar. *There's also a link to a video at the bottom of the page on the WS website for the apple mold, that shows you exactly how they can be best cooked.

All pressed and ready to be baked (see the cute leaf-shaped vent in the top):

And the final product:

They turned out great! A few of the slits broke a little, as the filling next time I might go a little lighter on the filling. But all in all, they were a success! I saved 2 for myself and took the rest to work the next morning - they were a hit! :) I had people asking when I was going to make more, hehe. There's all kinds of suggestions as to what other kinds of pies you can make with these...I'm really wanting to try some savory pies - like a mini-chicken pot pit or one filled with egg/cheese mix for breakfast.


  1. I'm so glad you posted this! When I saw your photos on Facebook, I wondered how you did it... Now I have to get one of those pressses!

  2. You absolutely should get one! :)

  3. How cool! I'm so gonna get one!


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