Monday, January 3, 2011

Re-Cap of 2010

Well, 2010 was definitely an interesting, enjoyable...but difficult year. A lot happened and when thinking about some of things that I accomplished, I am pretty pleased! :) But I still feel like I can do more and I intend to in 2011! So, here are a few things that stand out to me when thinking back on 2010:

  • I started off 2010 by becoming a vegetarian...well, more like a pescetarian (I still ate seafood) wasn't very difficult for me to do and I felt like I made much better choices for the most part, incorporating a lot more fruits/veggies into my meals.
  • I started my blog and began writing posts related to food, crafting and events occurring in my life. I still struggle with posting regularly, for some reason I just can't post everyday...and I definitely feel as though my blog lacks focus. I have brainstormed a few ideas and, who knows, maybe the blog will change with the new year! ;)
  • I learned how to crochet...I was taught how to knit back in the summer of 2007 and have knit ever since, but just this past year I picked up crocheting. I would still say that I prefer knitting, but it's great to know both because they both create very different-looking end products.
  • The hubby bought me a sewing machine and I began learning how to use it, attending sewing class with my friend Jenn and knitting up various items: zippered pouches, knitting handbags, and even an apron! I am still learning but it is a very fun hobby to have!
  • My sister got married in the Seattle, WA, where they live. I got to see and spend time with all of my immediate family and we had a great celebration to be remembered for sure!
  • We moved from Monterey, CA to Omaha, NE in the early months of Fall...BIG change, but it felt great to be back in the Midwest. Said goodbye to the ocean, some awesome restaurants/seafood and some amazing friends...and said hello to flat land, cold winter months and steak. But we are closer to family and we really like it here, so it was a good move.
  • Ran the farthest that I think I have ever run in my life...began running on outdoor trails behind our apartment complex in Omaha and worked up to a total run of 6 miles! It wasn't easy and I ran very slow at first, but it felt like a big that it's cold outside, the treadmill is unfortunately, my enemy! :/
  • I started eating meat again, after a few months in was a decision I thought about for quite sometime. I still eat more seafood than anything and only occasionally eat red meat.
Some difficult things I endured in 2010:
  • I spent 6 months apart from my hubby when he left Monterey for some military training (before our move to Omaha, NE). I wouldn't wish time apart like that for anyone...we would talk almost every day and I tried to keep myself as busy as I could, but it was still one of the hardest things about this past year.
  •  I finally had my tonsils taken out...this has been on my to-do list since 2008. I have had numerous problems  with them over the years and decided to just get it over with. It was a ridiculously awful recovery, but I had great friends who visited and brought me liquids...and I got through it! (And yes, this occurred after the hubby left! :0)
  • Living so far away, I didn't get to visit home very often...11 months, in fact, before I made it back to Illinois = home. 

The hubby and I were able to spend the holidays visiting our families in Illinois...and it was so great to spend time with everyone!! There were lots of presents, tons of food and too many sweets! :) My favorite gifts were: a book I've been wanting: Breaking Night, the Eclipse movie (I know, right?! It's crazy that I hadn't bought it for myself when it came out), a Keurig one-cup coffee maker and some gorgeous new red dishes (that we have desperately been needing/wanting)...and lots lots more that I am enjoying! :) 

And then the hubby and I spent New Years Eve back in's crazy, because this is the only the second year (since we met) that we have spent both holidays together. It was nice!

Goals for 2011 to come...


  1. Another re-cap moment: we became friends with a passion for crafty goodness!! :) I'm happy that you've had such an accomplished year - can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for you! ♥

  2. I would say 2010 was a great year for growth! You've accomplished a lot and have MUCH to be proud of!!

  3. Great post great year!!! Here's to good things in 2011!


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