Monday, January 17, 2011

Making Some Big Changes

Prior to 2011, I had begun to make some big changes in my life. So, I don't technically group these goals/changes as resolutions. In reality, these are changes that I had started to make in the past...but unfortunately, never followed through with. I would go with them for awhile, making some progress...then gradually let them fall to the waste side. But, I'm proud to say that I am doing well in keeping up with these changes, especially with the help of my wonderful and supportive hubby! He is one great motivator, let me tell you! So, I'll let you in on some of these changes...

  • An easy one...take vitamins every day! Okay, some of you may be like, uh...okay?! But seriously, for some reason, I will take them for a few days straight and then just magically forget, which then turns into...I don't take vitamins. I know that I need to take them and am really trying to make sure it is part of my daily routine. Around November, I purchased these from GNC:

I bought these, in hopes that they would provide me with a bit more energy (something I seem to always be lacking). I'm not sure that the extra energy supplements really work, but at least I know that I'm getting all of the vitamins that I need on a daily basis. So far, I'm doing good on this goal.
  • Do away with soda and drink A LOT more H2O! This one is going great! I stopped drinking soda mid-December and am proud to say that I have not had one soda since. And I haven't definitely up'd my intake of water! I've done this before...I've gone on a 'no-soda' kick for a few months and then I'll give in, have one when I'm out at a restaurant somewhere...and once again, I'm drinking soda regularly. But the fact that I'm looking to water, sports drinks, green tea as alternatives has definitely kept me on my 'no-soda' kick thus far. I can definitely tell a big difference too!
  • Running regularly! So, all truth, I've never been a big runner. I was never on the track/cross-country team...I would occasionally run on the treadmill while exercising throughout high school/college. But, definitely nothing over 1 mile or so. I started up running a bit when I was living in up to about 3 miles, but stopped because,'s tough! :P But see, the husband over the past couple of years has really gotten into running, has ran a few races and is still getting more and more into it. Once I moved to Omaha, I was running outside on various trails and increased my mileage to about 6 miles...the most I had ever run...and then winter hit! I stopped! Excuses, excuses. Since the beginning of December, I have been running very consistently on the treadmill...about 3-4 miles and have come down from a 14 min/mile pace to a 11 min/mile pace! However, the treadmill is definitely much harder than running outside, in my opinion. I get so bored on the treadmill and I really have to work extra hard to keep from looking at my mileage/time every 5 minutes! But, I'm doing it and I always try to remember how good I feel after a run. I think that's big for me...but I am definitely looking at becoming a regular runner and completing some races in the next year or two. I even got myself some new running shoes recently, which I was in desperate need of! They are working wonders!!
  • Counting calories/eating healthier! I know, this is on everyone's resolutions list/goals for the next year...but I am actually doing this! It started in early December...I began drinking a whey protein shake for lunch. This cut my calories big-time and I have not been eating out during the week (which is a big change). The husband and I are counting calories together, which is very helpful in keeping each other in-check. And, I mean, we are in no way starving ourselves. But, keeping a list of what we are eating each day allows us to keep track of what we're eating and how much we're eating. The hubby and I still treat ourselves, using the weekends to go out to eat...but I am so much more conscious of what I am ordering at a restaurant and what kind of foods I am putting in to my body.
*I don't want to get too hung up on weight or size, but in general, I just want to get back to being "fit" and working out general, just taking care of myself. I have noticed a big difference in my energy level and my attitude towards making time each day to work out. And clothes are definitely starting to fit a little bit better (which is always a plus). :) 

  • Find a job related to my degree/skills! So, a little background...I have an advanced degree in Applied Experimental Psychology with an emphasis in Industrial Organizational Psychology (a mouth-full, I know!). Basically, I have a background in areas such as: statistics, survey development, program evaluation and applied research practices. I was lucky to find a position in Monterey that allowed me to at least practice my skills analyzing data sets and working with a professor on his research projects...but a lot of my other skills that I enjoy were placed to the side. Moving around ( being in the military) doesn't really make things easy...and I have had to take temporary positions, which I am not too proud to take. I realize that with the economy as it is, I should be thankful to be given work and I will do anything I have to do to help support my family. But, I also really want to be doing what I paid to go to school for and enjoy practicing. I've been working my butt off, applying for jobs...working on my resume. Man, it is not easy and it's exhausting! Hopefully things will work out and I'll let you know if I hear anything :)
Well, those are some of the changes I have been making and are continuing to make in my life...and I just thought that I would share them all of you. My main goal each day is just to try and stay motivated!! It is an easy concept, but a challenge for a lot of people, including me...and I am really just taking it one day at a time :) Alright, well I am off to fix myself some dinner...hope everyone has a great week!

If a man hasn't discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live.
~Martin Luther King, Jr., speech, Detroit, Michigan, June 23, 1963.


  1. Great goals and I love the MLK quote! :)

  2. awe im so proud of you and your goals :)

    i really truly wish i could make myself a runner. i think it's one of my least favorite things to do. sad. sad. sad!

    p.s. i do the adult gummy vitamins. i know that sounds completely lame, but they taste so good! (i can't lie i have even taken more than i was supposed to ... just bc i like to eat them.) :)

  3. This is such a great list! You seem to be on the right track - so happy for you. :)

    I haven't thought about doing vitamins...might need to research them, thanks!

  4. Thanks Jenn! You definitely should...I don't know if I'll continue to take the ones from GNC that I mention, but I will definitely keep taking vitamins, for sure.


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