Monday, November 15, 2010

"A Homemade Life" Indeed

After posting about my book purchase at Borders the other day, I told you that I would come back and give a review. Let's just say...I couldn't put this book down!! A Homemade Life was such a lovely read, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves to cook/bake.

Molly, from Orangette, begins each chapter with wonderful life stories that can make you laugh out loud...make you shed a few tears, and definitely make you feel very "at home". You can tell that she really enjoys sharing with readers a little piece of her world. Her writing is incredibly inviting and each story flows nicely into the next one. One of my favorite quotes I took away from the book was a chapter entitled: "Whatever you love, you are". I mean, it makes so much sense (to me)...everything and everyone we love are pieces that make up who we are or who we have become.

And another thing I really enjoyed from her book was her take on sharing vs. not sharing recipes. She genuinely believes that cooking and recipes are meant to be shared (I agree!). How else do new recipes get created?? And recipes can always be tweaked or changed in just a little way to make it taste completely's all about experimentation. I'm not quite there yet...I feel more comfortable following a recipe, but hopefully one day I will be able to look in my fridge and take whatever random ingredients that I have and make something magnificent.

Hopefully some of you will check Molly's book out...if nothing, at least get it for the recipes. I haven't tried any yet, but they all sound amazing!


  1. speaking of sharing recipes ~ i just did an interview for another blogger & i shared your stuffed mushrooms recipe! :) i gave her your blog link so hopefully you'll be credited! she said she's posting it on the 28th soo yay your recipe will be kinda famous!


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