Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time for an Update

Well I figured it was time for an update...things have been a little crazy around my neck of the woods. Hopefully they'll calm down here in a few weeks. So here's what's been going on:

  • All of our stuff arrived from the movers...I opted to unpack it (when the military moves you, you can have the movers unpack your boxes for you) so that I could go through everything and put things where I wanted them to go. Here's the aftermath of the unpacking:
It was madness I tell you!!

  • My mother came to Omaha again to help me unpack...she was a godsend! She is amazing at cleaning and organizing...she did so many loads of laundry and loads in the dishwasher. Thank you MOM! :) Anyway, we got to explore a little bit more around the greater Omaha area...I took her to Garden Ridge (it's one of her favorite stores). If you don't know or haven't ever been to a GR, it's basically a large decor store (frames, mirrors, pictures, pillows, candles, holiday decor, REALLY good prices)! Plus, we checked out Texas Road House (Mmmm!) and the Nebraska Brewing Company (the beer was awesome, food was so-so...I'm eager to try it again with the hubby).
  • I finished a knitted pair of first ever FINISHED pair of socks! I have attempted 3 other pairs and have yet to finish any of them...I have the '2nd sock syndrome' and just couldn't seem to get over it. But, the knitting group that I was involved with in Monterey had started a sock-a-long (basically a version of a knit-a-long in which a group of knitters start a project together and vow to finish it in a timely manner). The deadline is at the end of September so I'm proud to say that I finished in plenty of time! :) Here they are start to finish:

 I even used some of my yummy Sunshine Yarns yarn that I've been dyeing to work with...this one is called 'Bella'

  • The apartment is coming along very nicely...I know I've promised pictures and they are coming. I just want to surprise the hubby when he gets to Omaha, and since he's a follower of the blog, I don't want him to see anything that might ruin the surprise! ;) But, I promise, I can't wait to show you guys what all I've accomplished with it. It's so much more homier than when I first got here and is really starting to come together.
  • Speaking of the husband...he is finally done with his training. He left Monterey 6 months ago for some training and other than seeing him a few days in's been a LONG, LONELY, HARD couple of months. He is done and I will be seeing him in a few days...and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to see him and for us to be back together. 
  • And, I am happy to report that I've been working out pretty regularly. And it feels great! There's a small fitness center in the clubhouse of our apt. complex, so I've been running on the treadmill, riding the bike and working my arms out a bit. I've also been alternating that with running outside about 1-2 miles. I hate running...but I know I should do it and after awhile, it won't be so hard!

That's about it for now...just mainly working, watching TV (I think DVR is the greatest invention ever...this is my first time having it), and hanging out with the pups. Happy Hump Day!


  1. this is a very happy post :)

    love the socks & extra love that the yarn is bella :) ~

    yay for the return of the hubby, mainly bc i know how hard it is to be apart, but ALSO bc i really really want to see your place!

    love ya!

  2. I am so happy that you are slowly getting things accomplished in and around your new place! :)

    The socks look amazing! Way-2-Go!!

    I hope that you will have a great couple of days ahead of you too.

    Can't wait for your blog post of your new place.

    xo :)

  3. Nice job working out sista....can't wait to see you guys!!

  4. You did an excellent job of pulling everything together! Cody is bound to be very happy with it! Can't wait for him to be there and see it!


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