Thursday, August 5, 2010

Weeks of Craziness

So, the big move is fast approaching...just a couple of weeks until I will be back to being in the BIG midwest! I'm actually pretty excited!! :)

I feel so lucky to have been able to live in this gorgeous place and will always want to come back for a visit! And I met some awesome people here...I am definitely starting to feel like a military spouse. It's hard making friends and then moving/leaving that place a few years later!

Also, Monterey was officially the first place that the hubby and I lived together as a married couple and it's where we started our lives together! :)

But, I am definitely ready for a CHANGE (hence, 'change is necessary for growth') and I really think that we are going to like Omaha! I've been scoping out all the good eats and fun stuff to's exciting!

I'm also super excited because my mom and sister are coming out here right before I move. My sister, just for a few days...but my mom is actually going to drive with me (and the 2 pups) to Omaha and help me *paint* and buy some furniture (yeah...we barely have ANY). So, I'm super excited for them to get here!! And my mom's going to be a godsend...she's awesome at cleaning, organizing and just overall,mid being supportive! Which I'm sure I'll need...even though I'm trying my best not to get stressed out :0

Be on the lookout for a post soon on all of my favorite places to eat, things to do, and sights to see in Monterey! It's definitely an amazing place to vacation...lots of great seafood and so many things to see.

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  1. glad your mom will be helping! :) yay for a fresh start, you are kind of lucky bc of the places you have and will get to explore ~ one of these days telling your kiddos "mom and dad use to live in illinois, california, nebraska..."


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