Sunday, June 6, 2010

Vampire's Perspective

Just picked up my 'hot-off-the-press" copy of:

I am actually really excited to read this short novella to the Twilight Series. It should be interesting to finally read about a perspective other than Bella's (not that I didn't love hers), but I guess I just think it will be kind of refreshing to know the story (within Eclipse) from another's point of view. Stephenie (described in her Introduction) writes that she feels Bree's story really adds to the plot of Eclipse and is basically a necessary component to the overall battle between the Cullens/wolves and the army of Vampires!

Eek...I'm ready to read it....although it is going to have to wait a few days (I know right, how on Earth can I wait) but I JUST started:

I guess you could say I'm on a Stephenie Meyer kick :)

And I am totally wrapped up in this one at the moment!!! Have any of you read this book yet? Totally didn't realize the depth of the storyline for this book...but it is intriguing, to say the least!

Anyway, only 24 more days until ECLIPSE!!!! I can't wait...I most definitely have my 'midnight showing' ticket and will be impatiently waiting in line for hours that day! :0


  1. Thanks for the Stephanie Meyer update. I didn't realise the novella was out already. I'll be at Barnes & Noble tomorrow! ;) Also, I'm anxious to hear your full review on The Host. Please give us an update when you finish. I'm excited for Eclipse and hoping Melissa and I will be there opening night!

  2. No problem...yeah it just came on on Friday! :) It looks like it's a short read, so easy to tackle in a day or two! And I will defin. post a review on The Host, but it's good so far.


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