Sunday, February 21, 2010

Put a Sock in It

The knitting/crocheting group that I belong to just met for a Sock Start-up's basically exactly what it sounds like. We met for brunch and each started a pair of socks! There was also a lot of chatting about socks, because socks are not the easiest thing to learn how to knit. First, you're normally knitting with tiny needles. Second, you're knitting on double-pointed needles...which entails more than 2 needles, as you normally would when you knit. Yeah, you get the's tricky!! It's a real esteem booster though, if you begin to knit socks...because you stop every once in awhile and think..."Wow, I'm really knitting a sock...and this isn't very easy...and I'm doing it!" Hehe :)

I actually started a pair of socks a few years back when I was still living in southern IL...I made it to the toe and that's where the sock's status is still at to this very day. I intend to finish it and it's mate...someday!

Here's the yarn I'm using for my latest pair of socks...beautiful hand painted Mountain Colors yarn from a local yarn shop in Pacific Grove:

Gorgeous greens, blues, & purples

And after our meet-up, here's where I'm at:

I'm telling's a process...getting started, knitting on all of those needles...Sock 1 has begun

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