Monday, January 11, 2010

Veggie Tales

I got this new knitting book on sale after Christmas called Amigurumi Knits...

"Amigurumi", derived from the Japanese, literally means encompassing knit. It has basically come to include any knitted, or crocheted, plush creation that can be described as cute! So the book contains mini-creations such as veggies, underwater creatures, and backyard critters.

Check out the cute veggies I have made so far...

A luscious eggplant and a ripe tomato

I mean, come cute are they?? Harley seems to think that they are toys, so I keep having to make sure he doesn't start chewing on them. :) I plan on giving them to one of my friends who has kids...they would be great for children to play with while they are learning to talk and identify objects. If anyone wants dibs on them, just let me know!!

*Stay tuned for more veggies...a carrot, cucumber, pea pod and garlic

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