Saturday, January 9, 2010


So, I am super excited...I have decided to become a mark Representative and I just got my Starter Kit in the mail today!! :)

For those of you who don't know what Mark is, it is a line of products sold by Avon (makeup, skincare, haircare...the "works"). It's a bit more tailored to a younger crowd and over the years has started selling clothes, bags and jewelry too. Fun stuff! I started buying Mark a few years back and have never bought anything that I wasn't completely satisfied with. It seems as though this brand really takes an interest in what they are putting out there as their products! Anyway, I have wanted to sell it for quite some time and have finally signed up to be a Rep.

Now, okay, I know what you're thinking...I am realistic here, in that, I don't expect to become a millionaire off selling Mark. I am actually really just doing it for fun. I believe in their products and I have turned a few people onto doing that while earning a little bit of money couldn't hurt, right? Plus, their Starter Kit (and Rep discount) rocks:

I got all of these awesome products just to get it!

And isn't this mini brush set the cutest...perfect to fit into a purse/clutch?!

Alright, well, just in case you all want to shop around and purchase some Mark products from's my Mark shop

Stay tuned for more posts and updates on Mark promos, products, and my business!

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